Monday, August 30, 2010

Palo, Leyte

I moved in with my host family last week. My Nanay (mom) has a nice house and with her lives with Roger, her 50 year old son, Christine here 17 year old grand niece who is in high school and has been very helpful in teaching me Waray ( I think she knows more about the English language that I do) ( Not saying much I know). Francis, her 24 year old grand nephew. A small group of people come and go, most of which are family that live nearby.
My days are pretty slow. When there is nothing going on, I play my guitar, or read. I'm really enjoying the slow pace. It's too hot to go any faster. It's hot and humid, but definitely tolerable. It's been fun walking around town. There are 4 other women in my Peace Corps group. They are the only other white people in town. I feel like Owen Wilson! Everybody that we see is very friendly and interested in us. Especially the kids. There was a small posse that followed us home tonight from the market. I'm super impressed with their English skills. I'll find out more soon when I start working in the schools.
Language training started today. I'm learning Waray-Waray. This translates to Nothing-Nothing. So what am I learning. . . It's actually coming along pretty well. Our instructor is doing a great job. I think Aaron Santi has been talking to her about posting objectives. We are working in a small room with pretty tile, and about 4 fans going all the time. It's a very intimate setting.

Thanks for all your comments and emails. I appreciate the thoughtful words. It helps!

Love ya 'all
Siget, tubtub sonub

ps - I heard from one of the Peace Corps volunteers that her daughter was able to see her house on Google Earth. I'll find out more details, and get you in on the loop.


  1. Sounds like a great start Kelly! Love to learn more about their food.
    Things are the same in Oregon, you are not missing anything, weather still sucks!


  2. My Brother!

    Glad you are alive and well. The feeling is mutual: We miss you, too. I'll do my best to keep up on the updates. School starts next Tuesday! Wish me luck.



  3. The pictures are great! So good to hear things are going well and you are learning so much. I look forward to learning more about what you are doing, the people, the area, and well everything! Inservice began this week so as you know it has been very busy! You are missed by all but were in attendence via a photo at the first staff meeting. :) Miss you and take care of yourself!

  4. Sounds cool bro. Glad you are settling in. I know what it's like living in a foreign country... I AM in Kansas, afterall and I'm learning nothing too. :)

    Much love from us.
    Pete and Susan

  5. Daddy says he likes what you've done with the place, referring to the photo of your nice room! If your sister sees that bug on your sleeve, she'll be on the next bus over there! Everyone asks us how you are doing, and please know that we miss you and think of you many times every day. The pictures look really great, and the children are beautiful. We send you peace and a smile every minute ... LOVE, Pa and Ma xxoo!

  6. Kelly Jack!!! I miss you!!! I went to the book store today and saw at least five cards I wanted to send you... they were all birthday cards, but super funny!! I'm thinking about you always and sharing your blog with folks who want to keep up! I love seeing your photos and like your bug friend... Ma was right.... Can't wait to hear more!

    Love you KJ!!!

  7. Kelly!
    We miss you!!!

    Enjoy the slow pace.