Sunday, August 22, 2010

20 hours later!

I made it safe and sound! There was a short meeting in Philadelphia for a day, and then a 20 hour flight to Manila. There was a short and much needed layover at Narita (Tokyo). Everybody I have met so far is absolutely great! Even the people I haven't met are nice. This week we are staying at a resort just outside of Manile. It's got an animal area with monkeys and aligators (great combo), there is a water park, amazing food, music, and karaoke. At the end of the week I go somewhere to meet my host family and start the language training. Tonight while I was out for a walk, I saw hundreds of large toads, fruit bats, gecko like lizards, and trumpet fish. Most of the water where we are at is very polluted, and there is a lot of garbage on the streets. It's mostly shanty towns surrounding our resort area. Despite the impoverished area, people seem to have good spirits, and are very friendly towards Americans.
At this point internet access is pretty spotty, and I don't imagine it getting any better, but we'll see. I'll also try hard to get some pictures up soon. I haven't been very good about taking pictures, but I will get better.

I miss you all very much, and you're on my mind. Take care and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

See ya,


  1. We're thinking of you, too, Kelly, ALL THE TIME! I hear tadpoles are good to put in water to check for purity. If they die, don't drink it. Hope you are comfortable, and Daddy is wondering if it is anything like you expected? Enjoy all your new friends and teach your host family how to sing "The Cat Came Back!" Let us know if there's anything going on tomorrow that we should know about today. Our clock is set on loving you always, Pa and Ma

  2. Give us an update, Kelly! We miss you!


  3. A water park next to the alligators? You won't catch me swimming in there. I guess it's a good thing you're a fast swimmer! Nice work, dude, you are missed around here. Cheers! Allan

  4. Well you haven't been up to much here, just sitting around in my bedroom. I asked you if you wanted to go for a run but you weren't feeling up to it (actually you felt bad and didn't want me to have to carry you). Last night you made an appearence at the Creek to visit with Caleb and Andrew and tonight you enjoyed watching the PHS marching band's preview performance and dinner with JP. Don't worry, Flat Kelly (Cousin to Flat Stanley), adventure in Southern Oregon awaits you. I'm glad to hear you made it half way around the globe in one piece. Don't let the alligators ruin that! I'll keep you posted on future FK's SO Adventures.

  5. Missing ya Smelly. I've been thinking a LOT about your last week in Oregon. I was glad to be able to be a part of it. When I feel down, I relax and put myself back at Britt listening to beautiful music and laughing with you, Rosie and Mum-- and SO many other WONDERFUL memories.
    Glad to hear that you made it okay. Have fun in your adventure and give us all an address so we can send you care packages... and keep the updates coming!
    Much Love!