Thursday, April 14, 2011


It happened, I'd been nervous and anxious about Shannon's visit for months. I knew the months leading up to her visit that her visit would change things. I knew they would change for the better either way things went. It was a pretty sureal feeling watching her get off the airplane. I'm not sure I really knew how to react. But she came out, we kissed, and I heard a bunch of people in the background go "Aww!" Cheesy, I know, but that's how it happened. We spent the first week of her time in a place called Alona. Which is on an island called bohol. there are white sandy beaches, bars lining the beach, and lots of little boats sitting out in the water waiting to take people scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching or just a ride. There were also many other things to do on island, but we found it so relaxing to just sit and enjoy each others company and really didn't get out that much. We enjoyed the nice air conditioned room, pool and restaurants close by. After that week we took a day of traveling to get back to Pambujan. She was greated with lots of open jaws, hello's and mabaysay's. It was so nice to have her company in my house. It brought out life that I didn't know excisted. One of the afternoons I left her at the house so I could go for a run. When I returned, half the street was standing in front of my house, kids were yellin, jumpin, and fighting for a good spot so they could get up close and listen to Shannon. In all her wisdon and glory, she was spreading some good western culture. Half of the kids thought that Shannon's name was Awesome. All the kids were jumping up and down yelling "Rock On!" and I think Shannon had Justin Timberlake blairing to set the mood. That night a small group of boys had picked enough flowers for all the mothers in Pambujan and gave them all to Shannon. The entire night we heard the boys out front "Aute Shannon, Aute Shannon"! We'd go out front and there would be another boquete. I'm not going to lie. I was a little jealous, I never got flowers when I first got into town. The whole street seemed to light up while she was in town, and since she has left her positive energy has remained. Kids and adults are still asking about her, and I'm sure they will be talking about her for years to come. More adventures to come! Pictures too!


  1. We thought her name WAS "Awesome!" Bouquets to you both for shining happy light!

    Kids always know good people when they see them!


  2. That sounds like a very nice visit. I am glad to hear her trip went so well and that it was such a positive experience for the neighborhood. What a special time for everyone.

    You'll have to bring her to Japan next.