Friday, January 7, 2011

Pambujan, N. Samar - The Down and Dirty

I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of really describing where I live. Sorry about that. I don’t think my parents have even seen a picture of the place where I’m living. Here’s a quick down and dirty without getting into politics or water quality.

First a few notes about the photos:

  • The white house is where I’m currently living.
  • The dogs name is Bogart. Yes, Bogart and he’s mean. He only wants me for food.
  • The big field is my running route and the beach is the other part of the route.
  • The lady in the kitchen is Lina Surio. Lina is my host mother. A great cook and very hospitable. I’m very thankful to be living in this house. The girl is my host sister Mae.
  • The little boy is who listened to me talk at Christmas dinner.
  • The rest are shots from around town and of my bathroom.

As far as Pambujan goes:

  • As of 2007, the population of Pambujan is 27,800 people
  • There are 2,800 students at my elementary school (there are 19 other elementary school, but mine is the big one)
  • I don’t know how many kids are at the high school.
  • Most classrooms don’t have lights, fans, or electricity.
  • Kids pee on the side of the school because there is no restroom.
  • Water is free in Pambujan, but you have to pay for the pump.
  • There are scheduled brown-outs every week and often unannounced brown-outs!
  • There is a small market that sells a few vegetables, some fish and chicken (not sure how good it is though, it’s always sitting out on a table for who knows how long).
  • There are maybe 5-7 paved streets in town and the rest are sand.
  • The main way people get around town is either walk or take a pedi-cab (bicycle with a side car)
  • Some people bury their garbage at the beach, and also squat on the beach. (I usually walk quite a ways away from town before I think about taking my shoes off, or swimming.
  • Once I get a ways away from town, the beach is beautiful.
  • Biggest means of employment are pedi-cab drivers, construction workers, teachers (65 at my school), government workers (I’m not allowed to comment on political views pertaining to anything, due to the fact that this is a public blog. That’s all I have to say about that.), and sari-sari stores (place to buy candy, detergent, minutes for your phone, beer, oil and other odds and ends).
  • To get to the nearest town with internet, milk, an ATM and JolliBee’s (horrible, horrible fast food) I have to walk about a mile to the highway and take a 45 minute van or jeepnee ride (assuming the bridge isn’t washed out).
  • The nearest town with these amenities is called Catarman. There is a meat market (not like Shenanigans) that sells carabao all parts (they even peel the skin and fat off it’s head and sell its face. It actually tasted pretty good with a little soy sauce and hot peppers), other meat products as well. Nothing goes to waste. There are also place to buy clothes, fruit, a basketball, electronics, and cinnamon. But no burritos, dang it!

Hopefully the pictures can tell a little more of the story and the setting. Let me know if you have any questions, or if there are pictures of something that you want to see. xoxo

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  1. WIsh I could send you a burrito!
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